• UBB Supercars
  • Makers of 1000+ Bhp Road Legal Ford Mustangs
  • UBB Mustang has set a new standard for performance tuning.
  • Not just because it is phenomenally fast, capable and approachable, but also because it's not actually that expensive.

(NEW) UBB Wide Body 1200 BHP 2014

5.8litre 32 valve quad cam 4.5 litre Supercharged V8
245 Mph (8000 rpm)
0 to 60 mph - 3.0 seconds
900 lbs ft torque

Full Double adjustable coil over Race Suspension
LSD 3.55
Wheels – 10.5 x 19 Split Rim Alloys (305/35/19 Toyo RA1′s)
Four Way Watts link rear end + diff cooler

Bespoke hand stitched Leather/Alacantra Recaro Seats
Bespoke hand stitched Leather/Alacantra Dashboard/Centre Console
H/Carbon Fibre Dash Inserts
Leather/Alcantra steering wheel
Microsoft Sync
Sat Nav
Climate Control

"Cars that make men wax lyrical tend to be exotic specimens beyond the reach of the average Joe. Aston Martins, Jaguar E-Types, Ferraris - such cars receive the highest accolades but in reality have only ever been accessible to a privileged few. The Ford Mustang is something else entirely: a truly affordable mass-market car that has, since its launch in 1964, become the stuff of legend. The Mustang is an out-and-out movie star, the stuff of dreams - and UBB Supercars have created a living legend." - Nigel Case

UBB Widow Maker 1100 BHP 2012

5.4 litre 32 valve quad cam Supercharged V8
3.75 limited slipp diff
UBB body kit
UBB 230MPH speedo
UBB suspension coil overs
Three piece split rim alloys 10.5x19
305x35x19 Toyo 888 Tyres
Advan Traction Control
CD Player Mircosoft Sync
Voice Control
Brembo Brakes
Hand Controller
Double Adjustable Coil Over shocks
19" Alloy Wheels
Full Carbon Body Kit
Twin Cooling fans
100cc Fuel injectors
Alloy Flywheel
Carbon Twin Plate Clutch
Extra's Comfort pack
Recaro Seats
De-cat Pipes
Window Tint
Alcantra Dashboard/Centre Console
H/Carbon Fibre - Inserts

Price $135,000 delivery time 12 weeks (Price Includes New Car)

"It's unapologetically loud, obnoxious and old-school. The sheer brutality of this supercharged engine is enough to keep any exotic firmly in your rear view mirror. You can drive the UBB to the office, take her to the track, pull sub 10 second quarter mile runs if required and cruise around town like any other car with it's soft clutch setup. Conceptualised and built in 2007, the UBB Mustang underlines everything that's correct about overpowered, rear wheel drive cars." - The Times

"The UBB Mustang is an imposing sight with its black paint job, black carbon trim and bespoke stickers, but that's nothing compared to the shivers it sends up your spine when you turn the ignition key and press the go button. It's like the devil has crept up on you to unleash a hellish scream in your ear at point-blank range." - Vicki Butler-Henderson

"At the heart is an aluminium 5.8-litre engine with one of the biggest superchargers you can buy this side of the drag strip. It furnishes a vast amount of torque as well as power; 750 lb.ft of the stuff. A Lamborghini Murcielago can manage a mere 487 lb.ft. Firing the car up involves nothing more sophisticated than a turn of a key and a push of a button, but then it all becomes quite special." - Fifth Gear

(NEW) UBB Black Bird 850 Bhp 2014

5.8litre 32 valve quad cam Supercharged V8
210 Mph (7400 rpm)
0 to 60 mph – 3.4 seconds
880lbs ft torque

Price $125,000 delivery time 12 weeks (Price Includes New Car)

"One thousand brake horsepower is the actual figure that UBB managed to squeeze out of the 5.8-litre V8. It has one of the biggest superchargers fitted to it that you'll see outside the drag racing world. It'll hit 60mph in 3.8 seconds and has a huge amount of torque, 825ib/ft – almost twice that of a Lamborghini Murcielago. The UBB Mustang is an imposing sight with its orange paint job, black stripes and go-faster stickers, but that's nothing compared to the shivers it sends up your spine when you turn the ignition key and press the go button. It's like the devil has crept up on you to unleash a hellish scream in your ear at point-blank range. Its volume can increase to such a high level – 124 decibels, in fact – that permanent hearing loss is a real risk. Which is why, after a mere eight minutes at the wheel, I reached for some ear defenders." - Vicki Butler-Henderson

"Why do they call it 'Widow Maker'? We'll get to that in a minute. Powered by a 5.8L supercharged V8, the UBB Widow Maker 1100 Mustang ($135,000) pumps out a crazy 1,100 hp, good for a 0-60 dash of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 230 mph. Other custom features include a full carbon body kit, 19-inch black alloy wheels, Brembo brakes, Advan traction control, and available Recaro seats, de-cat pipes, and built-in laser jammers. So back to the original question — they call it 'Widow Maker' because if you're not careful, it'll live up to its name." - Uncrate

UBB uses BREMBO high perfromance break systems

Every element of a UBB is customised to the customers specification

With fully cutomised interiors UBB can offer you the oppotunity to hand stitch you name or icon onto the head rest

As a UBB out performs the market place, we replace the speedometer with our own 200+MPH.

"This heavily modified Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is the stuff where stallion dreams are made of. Tuned by the spectacular folks over at Ultimate Bad Boy, the American muscle car has been effectively 'roided up - in a good way! - to deliver a staggering 1,100-horsepower output and 850 lb/ft of torque from its 5.8-liter supercharged V8 engine." - TopSpeed

Carbon rear defusser is not only for a great look but to glue you to the road

4" straight through exhaust as standard

UBB replaces heavy body parts with perfromace carbon fiber.

UBB only uses the finest rubber for top perfromance on the road.

WARNING! Unfortunately not everyone can jump into a UBB. Here at UBB HQ we need to make sure you're capable of driving outrageously powerful vehicles. Do you have what it takes? Leave us your details and we'll be in touch with our verdict.